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Shipping FAQ:


Your grocery items don’t include what I am looking for. Can you special order these items for me?

We can check the availability outside of our standard inventory. Please e-mail Be sure to include as much information about the product i.e. price, manufacturer, brand, size, and quantity. Please keep in mind if the manufacturer has discontinued an item in your area, we probably cannot get it either.


How much does it cost to ship to Hawaii or location outside of the 48 United States?

 The current version of the web site bases all shipping rates on UPS Ground. Until UPS decides to offer ground service to Hawaii and Europe here are some sample shipping costs you would need to pay just for shipping outside of the 48 contiguous U.S.

  • ·         Hawaii 42 lbs. (48 cans) is $90.11 via UPS 2nd Day Air
  • ·         British Columbia CA 42 lbs. (48 cans) are $58 via UPS Ground
  • ·         London England 42 lbs. (48 cans) is $128 via UPS 2nd Day Air

How do I ship to a P.O. Box?

UPS Ground does not ship to P.O. Boxes so it is recommended that you seek an alternative shipping address. If you still wish to ship to a P.O. Box we will ship your package via United States Postal Service for an additional $8 per box. Once you place your order you will receive an e-mail asking you to approve these additional charges. With your approval your order will be shipped.

How do I ship to APO or FPO addresses?
Our web site's shipping cost calculator will correctly quote your shipping costs for military addresses. You will not be asked to pay any additional shipping charges after order placement.
These orders ship using United States Postal Service (USPS) Parcel Post and no tracking information will be available. Delivery time takes 2 weeks up to 3 months.


Where is your delivery area?
Our direct delivery to residences and business area covers Detroit and the northern suburbs of Detroit.  Click here to see each city, zip code and price we charge for our delivery area.

What time windows are available?
Click here to see a real time chart of the available delivery windows. Window times currently span one hour beginning at 7:00 a.m., ending at 10:00 p.m. daily.


Where can I get a mail order form for groceries?
Mail order forms are not available for groceries. Due to constant price changes and availability the forms would constantly be out of date. Availability can change often as manufacturers discontinue and change their products.

 Can I order alcoholic beverages?
Alcoholic beverages are now available for purchase. Alcoholic beverages include beer and wine. Liquor items equal or greater than 40 proof are not available.
We do not ship to the following eight states due to local laws; Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Utah.


I got an error on your web site. Now what?
We make all attempts to make our web site error free. Please notify us of any errors you may encounter. You may e-mail us at or phone us at 860-290-8800. Please supply information about your error such as the nature of your transaction, page URL, your browser, and time of error. We may be able to recover your shopping session and make it available to you.

We usually don't ask customers to send damaged merchandise back to us. If the customer has damaged goods, we encourage them to select a different shipping courier. Our experience suggests that FedEx Ground handles packaged with the lowest rate of damage. UPS Ground and USPS have damaged rates of about 1 in 40 packages.

The package was not delivered and returned to because the address was wrong - In this case we will refund the cost of the products sent to the customer that are not highly perishable. We will not refund the shipping charges. A refund to the credit card of the purchaser will be confirmed via e-mail.

The package was not delivered and returned to because it was damaged in transit - We will re-ship your entire order at no cost or refund your credit card for the transaction including shipping. Once we have received the returned product or know it is being returned we will re-ship or refund your order.

The person or place I sent my order to is not able to accept the delivery - If the products purchased are returned to us we will refund your costs for the product. We will not refund your shipping costs.

The contents of my order are partially damaged - We will re-ship items that are damaged in transit. We will also re-ship items that have been dented, opened, or become dirty/sticky from other items that may have broken in the order. There will be no additional cost for these shipments. We may ask details about the condition of your package(s) so we may learn how to improve our packaging techniques.

If this occurs more than once, we suggest you ship with a different courier or use a different address.

The contents of my order are completely destroyed - In this case the order will be re-filled and shipped out once confirmation of the order problem has been identified. We will first attempt to re-ship orders rather than crediting money back to a credit card. If you are seeking money back, please contact us before the order is re-shipped.

If this occurs more than once, we suggest you ship with a different courier or use a different address.

This package wasn't delivered before my event and I don't want the order any more - Communication is the key here. We ask that you provide one of many available forms of communication to contact when you need your order to arrive at a specified time. You may provide notes about your order in the gift notes/order notes area that is available during checkout. You may also e-mail us at or phone us at 860-290-8800.

If we decide that the timing of your order meets our high standards, we will not refund your order costs. If the delivery meets our high standards and we get the products returned to us, we will refund your order except for the shipping charges.

The product I received is out-of-date - Many of the items we sell have date codes from the manufacturer. We pay attention to these codes. If you recieve products that are expired, we will re-ship or refund that portion of your order. We will not ship non-perishable products that have less than 2 weeks of shelf life left at the time of shipping.

I was not satisfied with the quality of the item - Items that don't meet your expectations are not subject to a refund from Many manufacturers offer guarantees of quality on their products. In the future we hope to make links to manufacturers available.Please order smaller and in less quantity those items which you only want to sample.

My butter or cheese is melted We ask that you use discretion when purchasing products that may require refrigeration to maintain quality. Shipping these items to hot climates may not be ideal, however we have not had any reported problems to date. We don't use any special refrigerated packaging to send these items out.

We have not had any complaints about shipping these items so we continue to sell them. If we offer frozen foods in the future, we will ship those items in special packages and use dry ice.


Is my information secure on your site? I don’t see the "https" URL in my browser.
Yes. The information you submit during the checkout process is encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet, using a Verisign SSL Certificate and RC4 128 bit encryption. We use a masked URL which prevents you from seeing the HTTPS URL name. Please click on the Verisign logo at the bottom of the gift card ordering page for more information.

Why Don’t you carry a particular product?
Keeping our customers satisfied is very important to us. One way we try to do this is to offer the widest selection of products we possibly can. Of course we can’t carry every brand, flavor or size of a particular product because there is just not enough shelf or warehouse space available.

The decision to stock or discontinue an item is made by a Buying Committee and is based on several factors, including product movement, sales volume, and customer demand.

How do I report a Product Complaint?
Simply send us an email. Be sure to put "PRODUCT COMPLAINT" in the subject line. Within your email, include the following: Product Description, Date Purchased, Sell-By/Used-By Date, Any "Coding" on the product, and how you prepared the product, if applicable.

I want to compliment my store, who should I tell?As you may know, our stores are individually owned and operated. The best way to pass along a compliment is the old fashioned way, just tell your local manager! If however, you would prefer to send an email, please do! Just put "Store Compliment" in the subject heading of your email and we will relay your thoughts to the owners of your local store!

Why Don’t I get your Circular/How do I get your Circular?
As you may know, our stores are individually owned and operated. The individual owners are responsible for circular distribution in their marketing area. We would be happy to forward your request to be included for circular distribution to your local store. Be sure to include your full name and address, your price plus card number, and the name of your local store in your email.

Or you can view our circular on line.  Click here to see this week's circular.

I want to register a complaint/make a suggestion who should I tell?
It is our desire to provide our customers with the absolute best in customer service. We sincerely apologize if you’ve had an experience that has not lived up to this pledge. We would like to know about these experiences and can be reached either by email or via 860-290-8800.

Again, We want to assure you we work hard to give our customers the best products at the best prices with the kind of service that keeps them coming back to Accra Market.

Why Does it Take So Long to Load Your site?
The Loading Time of any Site is dependent upon a number of variables including but not limited to; the access speed of your modem (14.4, 28.8, 36.6, ISDN, Cable), the size of the files & graphics on the site, itself, and the amount of Internet/network traffic and the size of your computer's Disk cache and Memory Cache.    At, we attempt to provide you with the best combination of quality, quantity, and speed. If you are experiencing "lag" problems and unusually long waiting times for our site to download, we would suggest first checking to see if all of your web access seems slow. If so, this may be a Internet traffic problem caused by your local connection. If this is not the case, you might want to try to increase the size of your memory and disk cache.  This can be modified within your browser's preferences.  If you need assistance with this, you should contact your Internet Service Provider, since in most cases, they are supporting your service and your browser configuration.  If you lock up while loading, we would suggest you close out of your browser and then attempt to log back into the site. If you still experience unusually long delays, please contact us via email detailing the problem. Please include your Modem Speed and Method of Connection (AOL, ISP, etc.).

Why Does Your Site’s Colors look different than normal?
While there are many web browser’s in the marketplace today, chances are you are accessing our site using either Firefox, Netscape or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Due to the way these browser’s interpret HTML,  (the code in which web pages are written), colors and sometimes even placing of objects on a web page can appear differently.  Here at ShopRite.Com, we try to construct our pages so that they should look almost identical in whatever browser you are using, but the browser version, color pallet and screen resolution (i.e. 800 x 600) all effect how you view web pages.